• Teachers, Parents & Students
    now can communicate Easier, Safer and Better.

    Create your own Class or Join the other class

  • Teachers can discuss a subject without getting mixed up by other unimportant chat.

    Discuss a subject or anything without getting mixed up

  • Parents get real time important updates of your children’s activities in school.

    Updates of your children’s activities in school

What makes Classup unique ?

Classup is an integrated communication tools, designed specifically for school communication; connecting student, teacher and parent in real time.

We have been developing Classup through focus discussion group, between teachers, parents, students and school management in order to make the main features easy, effective & safe for all user.

  • Simple menu, easy to navigate.

  • Not just chat, Classup have reminder, announcement & focus discussion group.

  • You can only join a class by a unique code & there is no phone number collected at all.

What is the benefit by using Classup ?

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